Artist JoNerZ (Jonathan Baldwin).   Childhood nickname and brand.



A transplant to Maui nearly 18 years ago from Carbondale Colorado,  JoNerZ left the Rocky mountains at the age of 18 to pursue the sand and surf of Hawaii and find new inspiration for his art.  Along with the fun and wonder of the islands, came the challenges, pressures and opportunities of life including raising his family with artist wife Lynn and making a living on Maui.  Working in various fields ranging from waiter to loan officer and eventually owning and opperating a Kihei landscaping company,  nearly 15 years passed before again finding his artistic groove.  In 2010 JoNerZ stumbled upon, almost out of frustration, the signiture look and life of the art he has become known for today.  

Out of neccesity and a desire to move away from landscaping as a proffesion,  JoNerZ began producing a line of womens shirts and hats with his art as the focal points to sell locally on Maui .  The demand has grown on Maui and now internationally for not only new apparel but for his original artwork and commission work as others continue to share the love of his unique Wide Eyed artwork that mixes Surf art,  pop surrealism, street art and a little animation all with influences of the environment around him.   He calls it New School Pop Surrealism.

As a father of 3 boys,  JoNerZ often says “it is because of this I paint mostly girls. I think it evens things out aroung the house a bit for my wife.”  JoNerZ and his family live, work and play in Kihei Maui.  He is currently an artsist in Residence at the Four Seasons Wailea and is represented by Na Pua Galery at the Grand Wailea.  JoNerZ and his wife Lynn are very involved with the local handmade community on Maui and can be met at many of the islands outdoor events and festivals.